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Movita Fermented Vitamin C Refill Pouch - 30 Day Supply

Movita Fermented Vitamin C Refill Pouch - 30 Day Supply

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By Movita | New York, NY | Woman-Owned | Black-Owned

Daily Immune Support. Battle Free Radicals, plus All the Benefits of Natural Foods. Make Movita’s Vitamin C part of your daily routine for benefits inside and out. Support for your immunity, heart, skin, eyes, and tissue repair, plus avoid damage brought on by free radicals. Our balanced, high absorption formula is tuned for the needs of women. Year-round immunity booster Supports heart, skin, eyes, tissue repair Antioxidant to protect against free radical damage Aids collagen synthesis for firm skin Supports iron absorption Fermented Vitamins are Better than Conventional Vitamins Fermentation 'pre-digests’ vitamins & minerals into naturally occurring elements in your body. This may result in high bioavailability.

Movita Organics nutrients and minerals are fermented using yeast in a nutrient-dense broth. The resulting product is easily digested and highly active for your body (bioactivity). Higher Absorption. Higher Bioavailability. Higher Bioactivity Higher Antioxidant Activity

Refill for Movita Fermented Vitamin C Bottle

Contains: 30 capsules (1-month supply)

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