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Oolong with Calendula Prebiotic Herbal Seltzer

Oolong with Calendula Prebiotic Herbal Seltzer

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By Gist | Viroqua, WI

complex  •  earthy  •  aromatic

Well-rounded and full of mellow complexity, this healing everyday drinker harmonizes the earthiness of golden oolong with aromatic calendula petals that will leave you feeling grounded and steady. Let this subtly spicy, mineral-forward fusion stimulate with its chocolatey undertones (and a little caffeine) for the perfect rebound to fuel your curiosity.

Benefits: Every Gist has 4g of prebiotic plant fiber and no added sugar or sweeteners, to keep your gut happy and your body humming along smoothly, without any nasty spikes or crashes.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, organic oolong tea, organic calendula petals, organic Jerusalem artichoke inulin, organic lime juice.

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