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Mint with Orange Peel Prebiotic Herbal Seltzer

Mint with Orange Peel Prebiotic Herbal Seltzer

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By Gist | Viroqua, WI | Woman-Owned

fresh  •  clarifying  •  zesty

Uplifting mint meets soothing orange peel to bring you right back to center. Gist's Mint with Orange Peel blend will cool you down when things heat up. Packed with prebiotic plant fiber and naturally occurring antioxidants, Gist is everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Benefits:  Every Gist has 4g of prebiotic plant fiber and no added sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives to keep your gut happy and your body humming along smoothly, without any nasty spikes or crashes.

Ingredients:  Carbonated water, organic peppermint, organic orange peel, organic Jerusalem artichoke inulin, organic lime juice

Size: 12 fl oz

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